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Venture with Virtue

Nov 7, 2019

Interview with James Hetzel, CEO, The Catholic Company

How’s everything going in your life right now?  Hopefully well, but the reality we all know is, life is hard.  And As our guest today said, “life is a series of hurdles.”

We’ve got the day to day grind, family challenges, work issues, financial issues,...

Aug 16, 2019

Allen Hunt Interview - Dynamic Catholic Board Member

What is the outcome you want for your life? 

What about your children?  What is the outcome you want for their life?

Do you want to live what God would consider to be a good life?

And What are you doing to help you achieve that outcome?

Today, we cover a lot of ground...

Aug 1, 2019

Ryan is the Vice President of Business Development for Covenant Eyes. 

Throughout his career he’s had a broad mix of experience serving in the Air Force, a variety of roles in Defense Consulting, as Executive Director for the nonprofit Mission Network and the founder and CEO of his own business.

Today Ryan plays a...

Jun 27, 2019

Bob is an entrepreneur and executive with over 30 years experience building and growing innovative life science technology businesses.  He’s been a co-founder and CEO of two high profile startups.  He’s helped raise more than $225 million in capital and participated in the development, manufacture and launch of...

May 16, 2019

Dan Hesse Catholic CEO. Dan is the former CEO of Sprint.  Prior to that he was CEO of Embark, Terabeam and AT&T Wireless.  Currently Dan is on the board of Akami Technologies, PNC Financial and Just Capital. 

Over the years Dan has received many accolades, including “Most Influential Person in Mobile Technology” by...