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Venture with Virtue

Feb 22, 2018

Larry Kudlow takes us on his life journey, which is a true roller coaster of a ride.  He starts out on the fast track to professional success, but hits bottom with an addiction to drugs and alcohol.  By the grace of God he recovered, converted to Catholicism and returned to prominence in the financial world.   

While he’s always been an optimist, he lost it under the addictions.  However when he found the Catholic faith, his optimism returned with an even greater force.  The secret…Gratitude, Humility and Hope.

Gratitude.  He’s extremely grateful for his “wonderful journey”, even the addictions and hitting bottom.

Humility.  He’s humble and takes no credit for himself and recognizes he owes it all to God.

Hope.  He is hopeful, because God has provided and will continue to provide in the future.