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Venture with Virtue

Mar 8, 2018

Jon is a seasoned executive and investor.  He’s successfully started, built and sold two companies that generated a 50x return to his investors.  Currently he’s an investor in and COO of Freeze Sleeve, a cold therapy compression sleeve that provides relief and recovery for muscles and joints.

What’s your why?  Why do you get up every day?  Why do you go to work?  Why do you treat your family, friends and colleagues the way you do?  Why do you spend your time on the things you do?

Knowing your why, gives you purpose and clarity in life.  Knowing your why enables you to plow through walls that seem unbreakable and keep on going when the world says you should quit. 

Jon shares how he found his Why though Surrender.  If your why isn’t crystal clear already, then I hope it is by the end of today’s show.