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Venture with Virtue

Sep 5, 2017


  • Serial Entrepreneur – successfully transformed 2 separate private small businesses into lucrative, public companies.
  • Chairman and Founder of one of the country’s first, prosperous internet endeavors back in the mid 90s.
  • Sold that company, Conduit Software for $70 million.
  • Founder of the 1st Catholic college in the state of Georgia.
  • Author of How to Run a NonProfit


  • Deliver value to customers. One way Tom does is is by figuring out how his product/solution helps customers cut costs in quantifiable dollars and cents.
  • Key Challenge in Business – build a sales model that is replicable and not overly customized so it can’t be scaled.
  • Get creative. Don’t rely on a budget to produce results.  Sometimes when you are forced to think creatively it produces the best results.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for something. Asking  just 1 question made Tom $10 Million in just 1 hour.
  • Key Takeaway = Provide value to others in whatever it is that you do!


  • Searched for happiness for many years and NOTHING made him happy, except 1 thing.
  • Find out how Tom starts his day and his main tip for practicing his faith
  • On living his faith in the business world…What happens when you say something a certain way to a customer and you know they might not continue doing business with you as a result?
  • Find out what Tom learned after 39 years of marriage.
  • Humility and it’s essential role

BOOK – How to Run a NonProfit

  • The book is really Complete A to Z Guide that is even applicable to someone starting or running a for-profit business without a business background
  • My favorite part, Tom gives specific guidance on how to put his advice into practice.
  • Many questions an executive director or president must ask. If Tom had to pick just 1 thing for them to focus on, what would it be?    Listen to find out more.
  • Is X the greatest and highest use of our resources. Find out why.


  • Life is not a Win Win. Life is about selflessness.  Love is selfless.
  • Real JOY comes when you aren’t looking for the win for yourself!



How to Run a Nonprofit – by Tom Clements

The Brothers Karamazov – by Fyodor Dostoyevsky